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Summer Karate Camps 2021 Details

This year we are providing the best Jupiter/Tequesta Martial Arts Summer Camps ever...

Ages 4 and up 

Camps are Reasonably priced and includes activity fees at $175/Wk, $40/day, $30/half day

A non refundable deposit of $25 is required by June 5th 2021, balance is due 1 week before camp begins.

10% OFF for Multiple weeks and a Sibling Discount.

Time: 9-4pm Early Drop off upon request no extra charge.


What to bring: Lunch and snacks, Camp Purple Dragon Tee, Sneakers, change of clothes, Karate Uniform for classes.


6/21-6/25 Summer Camp: Week 1: Way of Discipline and Basics

6/28-7/2 Summer Camp Week 2: Way of the Warriors 1

7/5-7/9 Summer Camp Week 3: Water World 1

7/12-7/16 Summer Camp Week 4 : Water World 2


7/19-23 Summer Camp Week 5: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind


7/26-7/30 Summer Camp Week 6: Way of the Warriors 2

Regular Dojo classes will be in session.


Summer Camp: Week 1: Way of Discipline and Basics


Monday: The Games of Respect, Playgrounds workout

Tuesday: The Games of Discipline, Tequesta Library practice Silence

Wednesday: The Basics of Karate & Jiu Jitsu. Soccer Game

Thursday : Hike at JD State Park, Early outdoor Training

Friday: The Discipline of Respect and Martial Arts Basics.



Summer Camp : Week 2 Way of the Warriors 1


Monday:Bo Staff Warrior & JD PARK Training

Tuesday: Nunchaku Warrior & Beach day

Wednesday: Samurai Sword Day 1 , Japanese Brush Painting

Thursday:Jiu Jitsu Day, Movie & Park

Friday: Samurai Sword Day 2: Bushido


SUMMER CAMP WEEK 3 : Water World 1(The Discipline of Water)


Monday:Healing Style of Don Jitsu Ryu and Patience, Dubois Park

Tuesday: Mastering the Flow, Movie Day

Wednesday: Fishing Trip

Thursday: Smoothie and Veggie Day. Drink 1/2 gallon of Water Challenge

Friday: Sail Fish Splash Water Park



SUMMER CAMP WEEK 4 : Water World 2

Monday: Hike Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Tuesday: Beach Fishing trip

Wednesday: Pool Party day

Thursday: Loggerhead Park

Friday: Sparring Class at the Dojo



SUMMER CAMP WEEK 5 : Develop a Healthy Body, Healthy Mind


Monday: From Farm to Supermarket indoor & Outdoor Adventure

Tuesday: Art Project & Gallery visit

Wednesday: Karate Soccer & Movie

Thursday: Outdoor Cooking With Shihan Albert

Friday: Hobe Sound Nature Center & Beach


SUMMER CAMP WEEK 6 : Weapons of the Don Jitsu Ryu System


Monday: Bo Staff Day 1, Fishing

Tuesday: Bo Staff Day 2, Visit Mounts Botanical Gardens

Wednesday: Movie & Samurai Sword Day

Thursday: Nunchaku Day, Loggerhead visit

Friday: Barbecue Beach Day, Weapons Demo & Movie


Adam Seacrest
Tuesday, June 11, 2013