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Benefits of Karate for Adults

Benefits of Adult Martial Arts practise at the Purple Dragon Karate Dojo.

Adult Martial ArtsThroughout history Martial Arts systems have been handed down through the centuries from master to student. Re-creating the student into a master and balanced successful member of our society. Many of us did some form of Martial Arts when we were younger and now we want that same wonderful experience for our family, and have been thinking about doing it again.

Purple Dragon, Don Jitsu Ryu martial arts system founded by Grand Master Prof. Don Jacob; offers a traditional holistic lifestyle practice consistent with a positive healthy lifestyle and values.

Depending on the age of the student Our training has many benefits.

Zoe BeautifulFor a kids, the benefits that I have witnessed are true sense of confidence, better coordination and a sense of pride in making their parents proud in achieving their goal.

social skills improve, along with attention, concentration,  listening skills and overall discipline is better. We have grown up into Positive Healthy citizens.

Preteens enjoy sport competition, they enjoy group training, fitness and the excitement. There are lots of kids that don't play conventional sports and when it comes to karate they all do extremely well. Providing they are willing to go the distance.

Respect for the Dojo, the Instructors and Peers translates throughout their lives into the home and into the schools making them much better students that everyone wants and would be proud to have on their team.

I am so blessed to have you in my life
Shihan Albert.
Family that trains together

 Photo shows My Son Michael ( served in the marines) my wife Sensei Candia Andrews and I. After a family training session when michael had visited a few years ago.

Adam Seacrest
Monday, June 10, 2013