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Purple Dragon Karate women speak out.

Miss Debra SmilesIn the past woman were responsible for protecting the young in the village, while the men were out hunting or working in the fields. Today is very different and the roles are all intertwined. So I've asked a few of our ladies to share their answers to a few questions you may be asking yourself.

Miss Roni Kissil is (21) yrs old and currently a Blue Belt. She has been training for about 3 years. She currently attends Jupiter High School.
Mrs Debra Larson (50) and a mother of 4 Boys 14-19, She is an artist and a Brown Belt, World Karate Champion and training for about 5 years
Mrs Ivana Esslinger (39) Mother of 2 (8 yrs and 5 yrs), She is currently a Red Belt and a school counselor, has been training about 5 years.
Sensei Candia Andrews 58 Mother of 3, 4th Degree Black Belt, 3 times World Karate Champion and a Body Work Realignment Therapist. She has been training in Purple Dragon for about 20 Years.

Qu. 1:  What inspired you and motivated you to do Join Purple Dragon Martial Arts in Tequesta?

Roni KIssil 2015Miss Roni Kissil  " The reason why I picked Purple Dragon Martial Arts is because I wanted to be in better shape. After I saw that my friend was doing it and my brother, I realized that I wanted to do it too. Now I want to be able to defend myself properly."

Debra Larson 2015Mrs Debra Larson: I've always been interested in the martial arts. My youngest son began the Purple Dragon program at his school several years ago and I was so impressed I had to begin my own journey.

Miss Ivana 2015Mrs Ivana Esslinger: " I have always had a curiosity for Martial Arts. The discipline and culture of it. It wasn't until I saw Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon that I found it beautiful and similar to dance. My favorite thing to do. My husband and I had wanted to get our daughter involved in an activity and we felt martial arts would give her a well balanced and holistic opportunity to better herself and eventually the world around. Not to mention defend herself which as a parent is my biggest concern for a child. I joined Purple Dragon Karate in order to support my daughter and give myself an opportunity to learn, be active and reduce my stress levels.

2015-09-19 11.51.11Sensei Candia: I love the know how to really take care of yourself action, the determined mindset and the mental focus towards creating a better me. I love the Don Jitsu Ryu philosophy of I believe in me and in building a strong universal self, building a good character and building my techniques within an unshakable manner. Professor Don Jacob is truly a remarkable teacher in the Art of Life and Self Defense, with deepest gratitude and much appreciation from your student forever.

Qu 2:  How do you find a balance between work, Home, School, Dojo, kids and your other activities?.

Miss Roni Kissil "I have a simple schedule nothing crazy, I know how to control my schedule. I really just have school and then an afterschool activity. My mom helps me with time management."

Mrs Debra Larson: Truthfully it can be hard to balance any outside activities with LOOK and family but for me KARATE has provided me with the energy and discipline to make it work

Mrs Ivana "I can not say that I balance it well, but my family and I have found acceptance and fulfillment in the busyness of our lives. My daughter and I joining has made us closer and given us a common goal. At the same time we get to be together as a family instead of me and her father watching from the sidelines. It's a great perspective. I work full-time as a school counselor that is highly demanding and stressful. I have found that we as a family are having a great deal of fun and learning at the same time together. Next year my son will join. He will be 3.

Sensei Candia: "Sometimes you do and sometimes you don't, but it is all about the art of balance, yin and yang, and every time we stray away from our center; how do we bring ourselves back? Continuous Practice."

Qu 3 What is your most profound Purple Dragon Karate experience so far?

Miss Roni " I really loved getting a yellow belt I thought it was in a dream because I dreamed that I would step up in karate."

Miss Debra: "In July I want two gold and two silver medals at the World Karate Championships in Trinidad that it was an amazing experience."

Miss Ivana: " I have been a Purple Dragon for 10 months now and my daughter almost 2 years. I think I have yet to have my most profound Martial Arts experience but I can say that I am amazed at watching my daughter evolve from a shy and apprehensive 4 year old to an ambitious and we'll disciplined 5 year old with an awesome mom.

Sensei Candia: Entering World Headquarters in Barataria dojo Trinidad for the very first time ever, and feeling the love and support of World wide Purple Dragon Family. Having experienced three black belt gradings testing how well you know and understand yourself. On tour in Japan with Team Purple Dragon and crawling through a very skinny hole in a thousand year old tree inside a Buddhist temple to reach new life and new beginnings on the far side.

Qu 4 What is your favorite technique?

Miss Roni: : 
Roni using a back fist
 I love using the back fist in sparring, but I don't really have a favorite, I find all the moves are awesome.:
Roni Demonstrating a backfist assited by Aidan O'connor

Miss Debra:  I love the shock on my opponents face 
2015-10-10 11.38.42
when I tag them with my foot using the Axe Kick.

Miss Ivana My favorite self defense 
2015-10-10 11.41.27
techniques are kicks. Love it! It's fun and I feel strong.




Sensei Candia: there are many, but this one is quick and easy…The Wipeout Slam!
Senpai Technique

Qu5  What advice do you have for young women and moms, thinking about joining the Purple Dragon Karate Program.

Miss Roni: Even though I am not a mom yet… I say... don't stop. If you want to do karate then just do it, it will require some responsibility on your part.

Miss Debra Just do it... don't let your age, your weight etc. be an excuse, the Martial Arts in Purple Dragon is for everyone. I'm in my 40's and I have four sons and I'm happy in the knowledge that I'm in the best shape of my life and I'm learning the skills I need to keep myself and my family safe.

Miss Ivana: My advice to other moms thinking of doing this... Before u were a mom you took care of yourself. You became a mom and you put yourself last. Your health, beauty, wardrobe, etc. Your welfare takes a back seat and that many times leads to fatigue, grumpiness and in worst cases depression, illness and resentment. I am not saying forget the kids and husband but I am saying don't worry about the kids and husband a few hours a week. Those hours should be focused on your own health and wellness. You’re not too old, out of shape or too ill for Martial arts. You become stronger, more confident and find a great support system in a holistic activity. Come join us. We women need to support each other in our endeavors and martial arts helps us do that.

Sensei Candia: Age is just a number, or an excuse. My Advise is believe in yourself, be strong and have a strong NO.  Know when to say YAME! (Stop) to yourself, a thought, a habit or maybe a situation.  Start where you’re at NOW and build on that. Yesterday was history, Today is a reality. Set your mind on something that you want to be and then commit to working towards it every day without straying off course.

"Accentuate the positive, Eliminate the negative and Forget Mr Inbetween!” (Quote from Professor Don Jacob)

So for those of you wishing to try a FREE CLASS just go to our website and sign up for our WOMEN'S KARATE course or call 561-401-9903.
Adult classes are held Every Monday evenings at 6pm.

See you at the Dojo.
Shihan Albert and Sensei Candia Andrews





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Tuesday, October 20, 2015