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What my Karate Dojo means to me?

In his book ' Don Jitsu Ryu, Flesh & Bone ' ; Grand Master Professor Don Jacob says ... A Dojo is a House of knowledge where peaceful warriors receive enlightenment to take them through life.
Our Dojo is a special place where we practice and train in the 'way' of Don Jitsu Ryu. This disciplined life style of Martial Arts leads you to enlightenment. We practice the discipline which Builds a good character, Builds a strong Universal Self and Builds our techniques within an unshakable manner. We learn to Believe in Ourselves and build self confidence in all that we do. We follow the Don Jitsu Ryu road map to life.
D  etermine to Win
O  vercome all challenges
N  o to drugs and crime

J   ustice as the end result
I   ntegrity
T  rain harder than the others
S  ervice to others
U  nlimited talent

R  emember where I came from & where I am going
Y  our future depends on your positive efforts
U   nderstanding of all things
A proper Martial Arts dojo is considered a very special and sacred place, like a temple and is well cared for and respected by its users. Shoes are never worn in a Dojo. In many martial arts styles it is traditional to conduct a cleaning at the beginning and/or  end of each training session. Besides the obvious hygienic benefits of regular cleaning, it also serves to reinforce the fact that the dojo is supposed to be supported by the student body, and not just the instructional staff. We must show great respect to this "temple of learning the way right now"  
Good discipline starts with stacking your shoes neatly outside on the racks provided.
We must ALL (parents and supporters included) bow with respect, appreciation & gratitude as we enter, and bow with respect and gratitude as we leave. We must always leave the dojo cleaner than when we entered and we must vacuum out our minds of all negative thoughts or stresses. This can be a painful purging process for many. We come to the dojo to improve ourselves and to help other people and to affirm the positive in our lives.
The dojo is not simply a place to train, but also a place where you will make many friends and strengthen your future. We are Purple Dragon FAMILY. All the International dojos are connected like branches on a tree and anyone wearing a Purple Dragon patch is family. You have many dojo brothers & sisters in Trinidad, Tobago, Grenada, Antigua, Tortola, Dominica, St Lucia, Virgin Gorda, Cayman Islands, Mississippi, Georgia, New York, Canada, Texas, England, Ireland, & Australia. Keep your patch on. Stay plugged in. Keep the dust off your belt.
If the class is held outdoors, the field under the open sky is the dojo.
The dojo is NOT a playground or a babysitting service.
Karate is not just about kicking and punching, it is not just about fighting but to fight back and to conquer the weaknesses within ourselves. 
I am here to persevere and NEVER GIVE UP.

I am truly blessed to have you in my Life
Sensei Candia Andrews 4th Dan
Purple Dragon
Monday, November 04, 2013